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microbiology certificate for career in medicine, work as a lab techResearch. Save lives. Encourage healthy living. Deepen your knowledge of microbiology and prepare for a career in medicine.

Many of the students that pursue this certificate want to become doctors or nurses, physician’s assistants or nurse practitioners. Some want to work as lab technicians, and others want to work in research, making medical advancements. Deep knowledge of microbiology is a foundational piece of any career in medicine.

How Does a Certificate in Microbiology Fit into a Medical Career?

Students interested in pursuing a career in medicine need a foundational understanding of medical microbiology, the study of bacteria, viruses and parasites as related to disease and health. Whether you want to work in a lab or become an M.D., you need to understand the fundamentals of microbiology before you can advance further.

An undergraduate certificate in microbiology provides the knowledge and experience required for an entry-level job in medicine. You may be able to apply credits from the program to an undergraduate degree or supplement an undergraduate degree at an institution that does not offer an undergraduate degree in microbiology. The certificate will enhance your school application, bettering your chances at admission to nursing, medical or professional school.

Medical Job Titles

While microbiology is a foundational piece of a wide range of careers (from lab technician to physician), the following are job titles you may want to explore deeper:

Medical Job Opportunities

Medical professionals are in demand. Explore medical job listings to see what careers you can build towards. The job listings provided here are only a subset of the many medical job listings available.

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