Application & Registration

You will need to log into MyPack Portal to access Enrollment. You can add a class by going to Navigation: Student Self Service > Enrollment > Enrollment Dates. The Enrollment Date is the day you can begin registration. Non-Degree Studies students are not required to meet with an advisor. It is recommended that you speak with the department for the course you are seeking to enroll in for information. NDS students will start enrollment during NDS Open Enrollment.


Enrollment Dates are assigned shortly before the Registration period begins. You can visit NC State’s Registration and Records website for additional information regarding enrollment period.

Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided on the Apply page.

MyPack Portal is an online student self-service application. Students may update their personal or academic information through this system, which includes updating contact information and registering for classes. Visit Student MyPack Portal Tutorials for more information.

monthly payment plan is offered and can be spread across Fall or Spring semester only. Visit the Cashier’s Office and Student Accounts website to review payment plan FAQs.

Online undergraduate tuition rates for the undergraduate certificate program and non-degree studies are the same.


Students must be admitted to the Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate to earn the certificate. With departmental approval, up to two courses totalling six (6) credit hours taken before being admitted to the program may be applied to the undergraduate certificate program.

Transferred hours are subject to department approval, rules and procedures.

Applications are accepted through rolling admissions, which means students can apply at any time during the year and begin classes the semester following acceptance.
  • Students can apply year-round. Applications are reviewed as they are received.
  • New students can start any semester (Fall, Spring or Summer).
For semester start and end dates, view the NC State Academic Calendar. Apply now for Summer 2018.

New To Taking Courses Online?

Our online courses use NC State’s Moodle, the course management system that is used to communicate with the class, deliver course content, facilitate collaboration, and manage assignments and grades. You may access your classroom and Moodle by logging into WolfWare using your NCSU ID and password. WolfWare allows you to view your existing courses or search on other relevant courses. Go to WolfWare Info to learn about using Wolfware.

Moodle is a learning management system platform used by NC State to host distance education courses, to store course material and to communicate with instructors, teaching assistants and colleagues.

Our online courses are asynchronous. You can access NC State’s Moodle classroom at any time that is convenient and from any place with internet access. Some online office hours and chat sessions may be set up for a specific time, but these are optional.


We believe online courses are ideal for those who continue to work professionally, travel or have family obligations. Your time spent in Moodle is very flexible as long as you meet obligations and deadlines specified in the course syllabus and by NC State faculty and staff.

Our online courses follow the University’s academic calendar.

At the beginning of the semester, each faculty member in charge of a course shares their contact information with the students. Use this contact information to contact the instructor directly.

For most courses, you will submit your homework electronically through Moodle (typed or scanned).

Courses with exams will require you to have an approved proctor. Students who live near Raleigh may take exams at one of two distance testing locations on campus. Our exams for distance courses (both on campus and remote) are administered by Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) at NC State. See DELTA’s Testing Services for Students for more information.