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epidemiologist jobs, work as an epidemiologistWhat Does Working as an Epidemiologist Look Like?

Investigate and describe the determinants and distribution of disease, disability, or health outcomes. May develop the means for prevention and control.

Epidemiologists typically perform some or all of the following:

  • Contribute to, advise, develop or supervise public health programs.
  • Perform statistical analysis, healthcare planning and healthcare surveillance.
  • Create and monitor public health improvement strategies.  
  • Plan, implement and oversee studies investigating human or animal disease, including methodology aimed at prevention and treatment.
  • Advise researchers on design and management of study best practices for efforts such as health status questionnaires, sample selection and analysis.  
  • Work with local and state health agencies to monitor incidents of infectious diseases and identify trends, epidemics and changes in public health.  
  • Perform research to determine cause and risk factors, progress, life cycle or mode of transmission of infectious diseases and parasites.

Epidemiologist Salary and Forecast

Epidemiologists with a master’s or doctorate can expect to earn a median salary of $100,950.

epidemiologist salary range

Job opportunity growth for this career is forecasted to increase at a rate of 5-8% per year nationally. North Carolina has a higher-than-average demand for epidemiologists. Job demand is forecasted to increase at a rate of 13.9% per year in North Carolina. The Research Triangle area is a particularly hot spot for this career path.

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What Education is Required to Work as an Epidemiologist?

A certificate from NC State is highly regarded in the field of microbiology. This certificate can be used in addition to a science undergraduate degree in preparation for the advanced education typically needed to work as an epidemiologist.

Most epidemiologists have a master’s degree or a doctorate, but you can prepare for admission to graduate school with an undergraduate certificate and correlating job or research experience. Deep knowledge of microbiology is essential for success as an epidemiologist, and few undergraduate degree programs offer the knowledge of microbiology required by graduate schools.

education required to work as an epidemioloigist

Epidemiologist Job Opportunities

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