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Complete the following steps to get started taking courses.

  1. Apply for Admission to NC State University as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) Student
  2. Pay Tuition
  3. Register for Your Class
  4. (Optional) Enroll in the Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate Program


Step 1: Apply for Admission to NC State University as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) Student

Only students admitted to NC State can take classes at the university. If you are not already matriculated in a degree program at NC State you will need to apply as a non-degree studies (NDS) student. Note, if you receive a message that new NDS applications are not currently being accepted you will have to wait to apply until after the start-of-term lock-out is over. You will not be able to take a class until next term.

To have the $30 application fee waived, when prompted for your Enrollment Objectives check “to earn an undergraduate certificate or participate in one of the following programs:” and select “University Undergraduate Certificate in Microbiology” from the drop-down list.
Click here to complete the NDS online application form

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Step 2: Pay Tuition

NDS students are required to prepay their tuition before they can register for classes.

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Step 3: Register for Your Class

To register for classes you will need an NC State student ID number and/or NC State Unity (computer system) ID and password. These will be e-mailed to you once your NDS application has been processed and accepted.

  • NDS students can register for classes only after the open enrollment period begins. Click here for current information about open enrollment.
  • Using your NCSU Unity ID and password, log-in to the MyPack portal, and select the class(es) for which you wish to register.
  • To request a waiver of prerequisite classes not taken at NC State, or for other assistance with registration, e-mail Please include in the message the number and name of the course for which you wish to register, and your NC State student ID number.

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Step 4: (Optional) Enroll in the Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate Program

Students in NDS status at NC State are eligible to enroll in the Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate if they have completed high-school level chemistry and biology, and earned a High School diploma (or equivalent). A commitment to complete the program is not required in order to enroll.

  • To enroll, please submit the following by e-mail to the Microbiology Certificate Coordinator, Dr. Melissa Ramirez (
      1. A statement of your interest in the Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate.
      2. An electronic copy of one or more unofficial transcripts to document previous college classes you have taken.
  • If you wish to apply transfer credit to the Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate for a course taken at another institution, an official transcript that documents the course in question must also be submitted.
  • Click here for more information about the Microbiology Undergraduate Certificate.

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Contact Your Advisor

Dr. Melissa Ramirez 1567A Thomas Hall 919.513.3309 Contact Me

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Applications accepted year-round through rolling admissions. For semester start and end dates, view the NC State Academic Calendar. Enroll in spring classes now! Apply Now

Tuition and Monthly Payments

Tuition and fee information for the upcoming semester can be found on the Cashier’s Office & Student Accounts website.

NC State offers a monthly payment plan.

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